MGMT 640 Session 5 DQ

Please respond to one or more of the questions below. Keep a couple of things in mind: this is a ‘classroom’ discussion so avoid lengthy calculations! And please respond to the comments of your colleagues!

1. Risk-free assets. Government bonds are considered to be ‘risk-free’ assets. Why, then, do they give a return? Are they truly completely free of risk?

2. On January 27, 2010, Steve Jobs took the stage to announce, as expected, a new addition to the Apple’s (AAPL)  product line. The iPad, a tablet computer, recevied good reviews but the stock price fell from a close of $205.94 on January 26th to $192.06 by the weekend. In the same period, the Nasdaq index went from 2203.73 to 2147.35.

  • Why would the price of AAPL fall just when the company announces an exciting new product?

  • Comment on what part of the move in AAPL’s price was systematic and what part was intrinsic. Assume that AAPL has a beta of 1.28 versus the Nasdaq index.

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