QSO 500 Module 1 DQ

Suppose that McDonald’s wishes to consider adding fried rice to the menu in its restaurants in your town. 

1.  Briefly discuss the approach the company should use for researching whether this is a good idea. Your discussion elements should include: what data to collect, how to collect the data, and what to do with the collected data.  

2.  Also, briefly discuss which statement best aligns with your view of the researcher: 

    a.  The researcher should have a strong opinion about the outcome at the start of the research effort (e.g., Fried rice will never work in my neighborhood and I will prove it).

    b.  The researcher should have a strong desire to execute a disciplined research process and make recommendations only after the findings of the research effort (e.g., I’m not sure at this point but will have an answer after thorough data collection, analysis, and findings).   

    c.  Other; briefly state your position.  

Remember to cite at least one reference to support your post. 

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