Do dreams have any significance in your life?  Can you give an example of how a dream has had an affect on your waking behavior?

Response 1


This topic is a good one and how dreams have affected me. My father recently passed away 09.1.13 of pancreatic cancer. It was a very difficult time and the process the last 2 weeks we were there taking care of him was hard on all of us. Ever since my father has passed away I have very vivid dreams with him in them. Very vivid and detailed, I honestly think that these dreams are a way of helping me cope with this. It makes me feel a sense of relief when I have these dreams. I have dreams monthly with him and they are normally all different. When I wake up knowing and remembering the dream, it is such a humbling feeling. I don’t know what this means but I am a firm believer i have these dreams for a reason.


Response 2

I can relate to your post! My cousin just passed away about a year ago, and I had been thinking about him lately. All of a sudden, I had a dream about him. I have never dreamed of him before, but I feel like in a way this was his way of letting me know that he is okay. I believe that when you see your loved ones that have passed in your dreams, it helps a person cope with the lost they are experiencing. Having dreams like these are so powerful, and I truly believe they have a significant meaning because they definitely affect an individual, one way or another. If dreams did not affect us in a significant way, then we would not be able to recall them, or would even care to talk about them.


Response 3

I to have has a dream about a loved one that was very real. I was very close to my grandmother and then I moved into her house later in my life. I started having dreams about her and in the dreams I knew that she was only visiting me and that she had died. They were very real like I knew as soon as I like up she would leave me. We have since bought another house and I have not dreamed about her since we moved into this house. I guess I know that being in her house affected my dreams even though I would like to think that she was there.


Response 4

I do believe that dreams have an effect in my life. I believe you have to know yourself and how deep you really want to read into the dream. I have had dreams that I knew were not true and paid them no attention. I have also had dreams that I knew meant something because of how I felt when I awoke. I have heard many sayings concerning dreams such as when you dream in the middle of the day pay attention to it because it is likely to mean something or to be true. I have also heard that if you dream something three times that it is going to happen and it is true. I dreamed last night about a person that I wanted to be in my life and this was the second time so it has gotten my attention, whether it is true or not I have still yet to find out.




Response 5

In my opinion, I do believe dreams have an affect on people’s lives. There have been many times where I have dreamed of something, that affected me once I woke up. For example, my cousin passed away last year, and this was very difficult for me to deal with. A few weeks ago, it was his one year anniversary of his passing and he has been on my mind a lot lately. Believe it or not, I had a dream about him last night and woke up crying from my sleep. The dream had a huge impact on me emotionally. In a way, I feel like the dream was helping me deal with his passing and even though it has been a year since he has passed, it is something that is still hard to deal with. Even though I was crying in my dream and was upset because he is gone, I still feel like my dream helped me grief with his passing, and it allowed me to know that he is okay.


Response 6


I think in some cases dreams have a significant amount of meaning. I can remember before I started back going to school I use to have this same reoccurring dream, that I was back in school and it seems as if in the dream my life was exactly the same way it was at the present time. I remember in one dream getting my child ready for school and then me driving to a college campus. After dreaming the same dream over and over again, I finally took action and started back going to school, and ever since then I have not had the dream again.


Response 7

I would love to share another experience I had with a dream, which means that dreams do have some sort of significance in my life. As a child I had an uncle who I was really close to, I called him my favorite uncle. One summer my mom let me spend with my uncle, it was so much fun, we had a bond like no other. Unfortunately my uncle moved out of town for some years I did not see him, and when he finally moved back, I found out he was sick and dying, I never got a chance to see him during that hurtful time. Eventually my uncle passed away, I was so sad that I never got a chance to say goodbye, my mom did not let me attend the funeral, because she felt I was too young. One night I had a dream my uncle was alive, and we  spent the whole day together at a carnival, we had balloons, candy, and we played games, it felt so real. I can remember in my dream at the end of the day, my uncle dropped me off home, gave me the biggest hug, and we said our final goodbyes. After I had this dream I felt so much closure about my uncles death. It was like my uncle Calvin, knew I was sad about not being able to tell him goodbye, so he came to me in my dream to make me feel better.